Closet Geek Show

Monday, September 12, 2005

Episode 07: Sorry I'm Late, but I'm a Lazy Ass

Geek talk: Transmetropolitan, a comic
DJ Earworm - We Need A Filthy War
Cool Site: I'm Starvin with Louis
National Product - Sean's Song
Chiba-Ken - The Distance from Here
HPP/G3 - Bingo Baby Babe
Joe DJ - Trancentral
DJ Stylez - La Salsa Goes Tech
Get Well Soon Derek from Skepticality!
Podcast recommendations: The Me and B Show and Bitjobs for the Masses

I guest hosted an episode of Bitjobs, plus I was on an episode of GabberJaW.

See you in a few days (Thursday) right before I go skydiving (again).

Link to the MP3 of the show Length: 45:09 Size: 20.6MB


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