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Friday, October 07, 2005

Bonus Show: Gabber BaW

All you Closet Geeks out there might be interested to know that I co-hosted the 63rd episode of the Gabber JaW show this week. John (the "J" in "JaW") is away on business this week so I cohosted the Gabber JaW show with Wendy, hence the name Gabber BaW.

On the the Gabber BaW show today, we have a co-host from Down Under...Brent from The Closet Geek Show ! Wendy sings a lovely tune. A Canadian's experience in Australia. How much do Canadians love Americans? Parlez-vous francais? The nail salon idiot. Celebrity gossip. Which is weirder...Not having kids after 8 years of marriage, or liking to shove things up your butt? A real-life Norman Bates. The CFL Rough Riders need a raise.
- From the Gabber JaW show notes.

Direct Link to the Show

Give it a listen, Gabber JaW is a great podcast. Thanks to Wendy for letting me do a show with her.


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