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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Episode 16: ch00n!

Direct Link to Show Size: 47.5MB Length: 1:23:10

Show News - LAN Party with Ash and Alex, Wired Appearance, Nearly 400 Listeners (Where the hell are you people coming from? This is awesome!), so much music!

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  • Are you alive, eh?

    By Anonymous Toni, at 9:37 AM  

  • Yep, but buried in school stuff until monday the 28 then I'll be free to podcast once more.

    sorry for the delay but after monday i wont have school ever again, or at least not for a long long time

    By Blogger Brent the Closet Geek, at 9:44 AM  

  • Congrats on your upcoming freedom. Looking forward to your next show :)

    By Anonymous toni, at 10:56 PM  

  • Ya, eh. Back Canadia!

    By Blogger Phil, at 8:35 AM  

  • *Back IN Canadia

    By Blogger Phil, at 8:35 AM  

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