Closet Geek Show

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Episode 09: Casting Boots from the Balcony

Show News: Boots n Remixes has invited me to find their Bootleg (aka Mashup) of the Week. Check them out for more great mashups and remixes!
Link to the Show Length: 51:50 Size: 23.7MB

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Episode 08: Getting pumped for skydiving

All the songs in this episode exist for the sole purpose of getting me energized for my skydiving trip, they may also prove useful for getting you pumped for your workday or homework.
Link to the show Length: 48:32 Size: 22.2MB

Monday, September 12, 2005

Episode 07: Sorry I'm Late, but I'm a Lazy Ass

Geek talk: Transmetropolitan, a comic
DJ Earworm - We Need A Filthy War
Cool Site: I'm Starvin with Louis
National Product - Sean's Song
Chiba-Ken - The Distance from Here
HPP/G3 - Bingo Baby Babe
Joe DJ - Trancentral
DJ Stylez - La Salsa Goes Tech
Get Well Soon Derek from Skepticality!
Podcast recommendations: The Me and B Show and Bitjobs for the Masses

I guest hosted an episode of Bitjobs, plus I was on an episode of GabberJaW.

See you in a few days (Thursday) right before I go skydiving (again).

Link to the MP3 of the show Length: 45:09 Size: 20.6MB

Friday, September 02, 2005

Episode 06: Oh, your magical geekiness

This week's episode is a long one. My apologies but I had a lot of tunes plus I ran on with the geek-talk bit...

Link to the show Length: 1:22:18 Size: 37.6MB

Plus I need to claim, my odeo channel. Just ignore this.
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